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Editors : 

Iflah Javed Qureshi

Iflah Javed QureshiAge :  17  Class : 12

School :  Presentation Convent, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Iflah strongly feels that The Peace Gong is a platform to connect children from diverse communities across India and abroad. She is committed to promote dialogues amongst children of myriad background through The Peace Gong.

Asiya Baquar Naqvi

Asiya Baquar NaqviAligarh, Class : 12

School : Senior Secondary School (Girls), Aligarh Muslim University

The Peace Gong is both an experiment and experience of young reporters to contribute to a violence free world. We do hope children from other parts of the world will join us in our endeavour to further a culture of peace and non-violence.

Bhiyanka Devi

Bhiyanka DeviClass : 10 Age : 15

School : : Axom Vidya Mandir, Noonmati Nijarapar, Guwahati

It is great to connect with children from different cultures through The Peace Gong. It inspires us to work for peace in the world.


Bhagyashree Devi

Bhagyashree DeviClass : 10 Age : 15

School : Axom Vidya Mandir, Noonmati Nijarapar, Guwahati

It is great to connect with children from different cultures through The Peace Gong. It inspires us to work for peace in the world.


Karishma DekaKarishma Deka

Class : 10 Age : 15

School : Axom Vidya Mandir, Noonmati Nijarapar, Guwahati

I strongly feel that through our platform, The Peace Gong we can take up many injustices in our localities. I would like to see that more and more children join us.


Neina BoraNeina Bora

Assam, Class : 12 Age : 16

School : Axom Vidya Mandir, Noonmati Nijarapar, Guwahati

We learn a lot by working for people. Surovi has taught us to be responsible and contribute in whatever ways we can.

Rani Baruah

Rani BaruahClass : 12 Age : 18

School : Axom Vidya Mandir, Noonmati Nijarapar, Guwahati

We are committed to work for the environment. I request all my friends in Peace Gong to give some time to think about our environment.



ThansilaAge : 17  Class : Plus two

School : WMO Higher Secondary School, Muttil

Thansila is the Chief Editor of Wayanad Peace Gong and also holds the position of the President of Wayanad Shishu Panchayat. An instinctive volunteer, Thansila led a group from Wayanad Shishu Panchayat – The Peace Gong and represented Kerala in the Chennai Youth Consultation on UN Millennium Development Goals.


ShobishAge  14  Class  9

School : Govt. High School, Thariyode

Hailing from a family with meager resources, Shobish never tried to let his limitations block his spirit of volunteerism and creativity. Born with skills of acting, Shobish is a martial artist and is interested in marketing and actively involves in the Peace Gong movement as a reporter. Shobish would like to become a doctor and dedicate his life for the upliftment of rural population.


DyuthiClass : 10 Age : 15

School : WMO English Academy, Muttil

Dyuthi is a very active girl and involves in many village level sustainable developmental activities. She dreams to play a vital role in the empowerment of the girlchild and women in her life. Dyuthi has organized and participated in training programs, seminars, vonfterences and connected with women empowerment, food security and rural education. She is deeply interested in finance management and also aspires to be an entrepreneur working in the village sector.


PriyaAge  15  Class  10

School : Green Hills Public School, Sulthan`s Bathery

Priya`s passion is centred around Public Speaking and she has won top places in many district and state level speech competitions ever since her younger age. Priya cherishes a deep connection to nature and she dreams of slipping into the life of a teacher and do her bit to inspire the future generation and build a better India.


ShobiAge  17  Class  12

School :  SKMJ HSS, Kalpetta

Passionate with computers, Shobi is a good coordinator and regularly takes technological tutorials to students. He is keenly interested in developing educational software for students. Shobi seriously involves in environmental protection activities. He regularly participates in educational related activities of the district.

Subhashree Ghatak

Subhashree GhatakSiliguri, West Bengal  Age  16  Class  11

School :  St Joseph School, Matigara, Siliguri

After completing her ICSE exam got a single chance to write in Peace Gong. She is a dynamic girl with a strong sense of team management. She is a Gold medal winner of Science Olympiad in her school. This is her first attempt to write in such a big platform.

Aayush Kumar Thakur 


School : Good Shephard English School, Bagdogra

Resident of a remote Tea Estate, this little boy has a good writing skills as well as strong decision making ability.  Passionate about computers, this boy can easily use the web for strong networking.


Sudiksha GhatakSudiksha Ghatak

Age  14  Class  7

School : Good Shephard English School, Bagdogra

Was highly motivated when saw her elder sister Subhashree and her classmate Aayush was volunteering for good cause. This little girl has a strong communicating power.

Sahil Mitra

Sahil MitraAge  13  Class  6

School : Auxiliam Convent School

Sahil shares an ambition to join the military. He has a strong creative mind with which he could do something good for the society. The little boy has an effective communication skill and high passion of computers.



Syeda Rumana MehdiSyeda Rumana Mehdi

Pakistan, Class : ‘A’ Level

School : The Lyceum School, Karachi , Pakistan.

The Peace Gong should be the foundation to promote volunteering for peace amongst young people. Our philosophy is reflected in this poem of mine which we shared during the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers.


Volunteering: A noble act


See the destruction all around,

Look at the poor people lying dead on the ground,


Doesn’t your heart weep for the victims of war and violence?

Doesn’t your inquisitive mind question their unwavering tolerance?


Elders have done enough; let children take the lead,

Let the innocent ones rule who have no knowledge of caste, status and creed,


Let us volunteer to establish a world which is peaceful and lovely,

Where all the people are loving and trustworthy,


Look at the people dying of hunger due to famines,

Look at the miners blown up in coal mines,


Let us volunteer to provide food for everyone,

Allow the orphans of developing nations to breath freely and run,


Wipe away the tears of misery and hopelessness from your eyes,

Forget all the broken promises and lies,


So, let’s promise to volunteer,

To rebuild a world free from shackles of hatred and despair!



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