Kerala Violence Against Children

Kerala Violence Against Children

Violence against children is a mounting issue in the present day scenario. Unfortunately India is counted among one of the growing nation where violence against children is ascertained. Every second every day and in every country children suffer and witness violence. Violence against children does not only mean physical torture, rather in include both physical and mental torment. It is also witnessed that there is a wide spread incidences on child abuse. Children are mostly targeted or we can say children are in high risk for abuse and exploitation. This growing violence regrettably affects on child’s physical and mental development, dignity, and psychological veracity. Children are the future of the nation- the building blogs of an expanding democracy. Thus, it is a high time now for the country should understand and start implementing certain fruitful steps to stop this violence that disturbs a child’s psyche; most importantly a child should be set free from the fear of violence.

Umesh TK

Student, AFRC India.

Childhood is the most beautiful phase of a human life. Looking through the innocent eyes the child begins to discover the wonderful world to be lived in. Gradually it grows up to become a great citizen. But it is very unfortunate that this beautiful creation of god-‘children’ today is one of the gravest concerns facing humanity. Children are exploited, abused and vigorously tortured. India saw an alarming increase in cases related to child rape, child labour, child trafficking etc. Violence against children can be of physical, mental or emotional. Being a concerned citizen of a nation we should be disgraceful of such prevailing situation in and around us. We the children are yet not exposed to the whole domain but still confronting the darkest site of the world. We are in anxiety- in terror!! We want our heart to be listened…. Our heart had a hope of us being happy again like those days when our innocence ruled our raising dreams.

Surendran TK

Student, AFRC India.

In India, about 23lakhs of children are involved in child labour. It is really a black shadow to our civilization. A child is an architect of the nation building. Inspite of flying like a free bird, these innocent children are compelled to involve with tricky and complex task. It is what we call child exploitation. Involving in such stuff may lead to the financial development but on other hand we should not forget that it is a cultural loss of the society or nation. The rising of such problem may be the cause of the lack of consideration for the marginalized section and lack of insight into the children’s problem.

Image: Flickr  via vinothchandar

Gouri Krishna

Student, AFRC. 

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