Guide on Protection of CHILD RIGHTS


After having interacted with many children from weaker sections of the society, I was shocked to find that not only the children but also their parents were unaware of the rights of children guaranteed by the Indian Constitution and mechanisms to protect such rights in case they are violated. I thus decided to compile and write a booklet in easy-child friendly language, containing the rights of children, governmental laws and schemes pertaining to children, mechanisms to ensure the protection of rights and various “Dos and Don’ts” for both children and adults, including a note for teachers and parents.

I wrote to the Ministry of Child and Women Development for their guidance and they approved of the booklet and acknowledged it with letters of appreciation from the National Commission of Protection of Child Rights and Ministry of Women and Child Development. I am really happy and humbled to share that I was invited by the said Ministry on 1st October to present the first copy of my booklet/publication on child rights to the Hon’ble Minister of Women and Child Development, Mrs. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi.

She was very happy and appreciative to receive the said booklet and even offered me to intern with her. I had a good interactive one to one session with her in the course of which she assigned me two tasks, one is that she wants me to show a short film “Komal” on sexual abuse, in my school and wants me to monitor the responses of the audience. Secondly, she also told me to share the video in other schools.

 By Yashna Batra, The Peace Gong Gurgaon team

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