Digital Peace Campaign

Let’s Promote Peace in the Digital Space through the Power of Nonviolent Communication



The world is witnessing an unprecedented increase of polarization, hate speech, radicalization and extremism happening both offline and online. In his book, #Republic: Divided Democracy in the Age of Social Media, Cass Sunstein discusses how today’s internet is driving political fragmentation and polarization and explains why online fragmentation endangers the shared conversations, experiences, and understandings that are the life blood of democracy. 

To counter the proliferation of hate speech in the digital space, The Peace Gong is promoting the idea of DIGITAL NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATORS.People across the world are being encouraged to become DIGITAL NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATORS who would promote the idea of encouraging language which do not encourage hatred, polarization and fragmentation; instead it encourages emotional bridge-building and soul-to-soul communication. 

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