The Peace Gong E-book on promoting peace through inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity


Inviting young people below 21 years of age to share short stories, poems, posters and paintings for the Peace Gong E-book “Tolerance, inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity are more essential than ever in a world where people are becoming more and more closely interconnected.”- Kofi Annan The former UN Secretary General has rightly underlined [...]

Be an architect!

Syeda Rumana Mehdi, Coordinator, The Peace Gong The phoenix in me, Is awake, Ready to rise, From the desolate, Ashes of its past. I’m ready, With a paintbrush, In my hand, To paint the painting, Of my life, Afresh, On a new canvas, Let the Sun rise, Its rosy hue, Washing away, All our sorrows, [...]

Caring for Planet Earth: Children as Trustees

Caring for Planet Earth Children as Trustees

Hanan Ibtissam, Khadija Abid, Eljalil Imad, Samira of Sidi Daoud Middle School, Marrakesh City,  Morocco in a dialogue with the Peace Gong children in India 1. When we human beings argue for people’s rights over natural resources — not just for commercial or industrial use, but even as “our” forests, rivers, land and oceans — [...]

The Peace Gong condemns kidnapping of girls in Nigeria


The Peace Gong condemns kidnapping of girls in Nigeria: urges the path of peaceful dialogue and emotional bridge building to resolve differences- Ramsheena, Class XI, Calicut, Kerala & Editor, The Peace Gong   The horrific and inhuman kidnapping of more than 200 girls in Nigeria by terrorists has shocked all of us.  The Peace Gong, [...]

Celebrating the International Day of Nonviolence

Nonviolence is like radium in its action. An infinitesimal quantity of it embedded in a malignant growth acts continuously, silently and ceaselessly till it has transformed the whole mass of the diseased tissue into a healthy one. Similarly, even a little of true nonviolence acts in a silent, subtle, unseen way and leavens the whole [...]