Caring for Planet Earth: Children as Trustees

Caring for Planet Earth Children as Trustees

Hanan Ibtissam, Khadija Abid, Eljalil Imad, Samira of Sidi Daoud Middle School, Marrakesh City,  Morocco in a dialogue with the Peace Gong children in India

1. When we human beings argue for people’s rights over natural resources — not just for commercial or industrial use, but even as “our” forests, rivers, land and oceans — are we not forgetting that these are also the natural home of so many other forms of life? Share examples from different cultural contexts?

Yes we agree on this as you may all know that nature and environment is something that the God offer it for us but of course it doesn’t mean that we as human been should exaggerate in using what the nature give us, so everything has rules and nature also needs to be good otherwise we will all suffer of living in a world without nature.

2. As the “cleverest’ species, are we human beings not duty-bound to be the guardians and stewards of the natural world?

Of course we must be the guardians of our nature otherwise we will lose it no doubt, animals and other creations cannot express what they want or what they’re suffering of, but we as a wise creation we should take

More care about the nature around us.

3.    When we displace other living things for our own benefit or profit, are we not guilty of violence against their rights to peaceful existence? Please share your perspectives from your own cultural context?

When we start using resources more than we require that is violence. Humankind exploiting animals or flora for their own selfish interests are committing violence and is in conflict with the laws of nature. Examples from Morocco and all other countries suggest that causing violence to the nature results in sufferings of humankind itself.

When we cut down a forest, is that not war?

Answer: yes it is war against the nature we cut the down the forest, the forest will not offer anything for us anymore.

5.    When we lay out a railway track across an elephant crossing, or let chemicals flow into a river, or stop growing millet and start growing tobacco, is that not a threat to some other creature’s right to food? It that not violence? Share a few examples from your country.

Yes of course it is something very bad because human always forget that if they do such thing yes they will benefit of these project for a while of time but afterward is totally the opposite they will lose everything for example they build factories near the sea and they start killing the sea creatures because of the chemicals flow in the sea or river so after few years there may not be any fish in the river. We think it is something dangerous for humankind.

6.    Guardians and stewards are not owners: they are trustees! Trustees are duty-bound to uphold and defend the peaceful existence and security  of all who are in their trustee-ship territory. Our trustee-ship territory is our planet Earth! Are we good trustees?  How can we children become good trustees?

We can be trustees only if we protect our environment and teach other children not to throw garbage so if the adults see us like this they can trust us and do the same. We children of the world should come together in one VOICE that we have to protect our PLANET and all our actions should be based on NON-VIOLENCE. We will have to motivate adults to follow the same.

Image: Flickr  via wilprz

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