Be an architect!

Syeda Rumana Mehdi, Coordinator, The Peace Gong

The phoenix in me,
Is awake,
Ready to rise,
From the desolate,
Ashes of its past.

I’m ready,
With a paintbrush,
In my hand,
To paint the painting,
Of my life,
On a new canvas,

Let the Sun rise,
Its rosy hue,
Washing away,
All our sorrows,
All our pain.

Grab a pen,
Grab a piece of paper,
Grab a book,
And read,
And write,
The story,
Of our life.

Create your story,
A story of love,
And friendship,
And magnanimity,

Create a world,
In which we live together,
Without bullets,
Without bombs,
Without bloodshed,
Without differences,
Without thrist for murder,
Without greed,
Without lust.

Be an evolutionist,
Be a creator,
Be a revolutionist,
Be an architect,
Of your future,
But above all,
Be yourself,
Above all,
Find yourself,
In others.

Let rose petals fall
On you.
Let every day,
Of this coming year,
Be the day of love,
Let every hour,
Be the hour of prayer,
Let every minute,
Be the minute of peace,
Let every second,
Be the bearer of glad tidings.

And when you are ready,
The whole World is
Out there,
Waiting for you.
Find yourself.
Within you.
For you are
The architect of
Your future.
And ours.
For we all,
Are one,
Once and for all.

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