The life on the Earth is filled with number of ups and downs. And when it comes to a woman’s
life, the damages that happen to a woman’s character are considerably high compared to a man.
Especially in Asian countries, it is apparent that the way society looks at a girl who broke up
after having a close relationship, a divorced woman with a failed marriage, or a widow after the
unfortunate demise of her husband, is not that positive. Already these women go through a hell
of a time and society too creates the environment with stereotypical attitudes towards them
which pull her down when she tries to find her energy back and rise again. It leads many broken
women to lose the interest to live further as they are not supported to realize their self worth.
Such feelings may even lead them to commit suicide.
Better late than never, hence, the time has come to hold the hands of broken, disturbed women
and encourage and empower them to hold on to life keeping their head held high.
It is true that we are talking about equity and equality of men and women. But are we treating a
divorcee, a widow or a girl with a broken relationship properly? It is high time to realize that
they are also as worthy as other women. They should be able to wear the same crown as other
women wear theirs.
These broken women are mistreated even by other women. But these broken hearts are much
stronger than others as they have overcome all the obstacles meant to destroy them. As women,
our greatest glory is not ever falling, but it is in rising every time when we fall. When an
unfortunate woman tries to pick her broken pieces together and fix her crown again, other
women ought to lend a helping hand and hold their hands so that she can find her way forward.
A strong woman not only stands up for herself, but also she stands up for others too.
Dear beautiful and strong women out there, face the world boldly; you are what you are and you
should be proud of what you are. You might have gone through a life full of thorns and fire, but
never be ashamed of the scars that you have as they simply mean that you were stronger than
whoever tried to hurt you. Especially in Asian countries, we should create a conducive
environment to make these “wonder women” feel that the whole society would stand by her side
and people need to help her to bloom again. A woman is always a winner and not a victim. A
Happy Women’s Day to all such ‘wonder women’ in the world.

Ms. K.G.L.A.N.S. Jayawardhana (Peace Gong- Sri Lanka Coordinator)
Senior Lecturer in Communication Studies,
Department of Languages and Communication Studies,
Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka,

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