In the Name of Gratitude

The dark night hides everything

But still it gives you comfort

The way we describe it

With moon and stars

It seems like we compliment to it

In return to hide our darkness in its shadow


The bright sun we see everyday

Which gives brightness to our whole day

We always greet other’s saying “good morning”

Somehow compliments to its brightness

To make other’s morning elated

In the name of its brightness

Is our way of showing gratitude towards it


Still it’s been decades

But still we are like same

Greeting each other’s in the name of it

To show our gratitude and care towards other

In the hope to make them stay


This word “gratitude” is much more than you see

But still seems to be less than what you think

It’s a way to make other’s overwhelming

But at the same time to make them stay


             —————– Anosila (pen name)

                         [Anjali Rawat]

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