“Gratitude: the attribute of embellished soul & life”

Gratitude: a word of thanks that change 0ur attitude ,
we grow you grow and everything flow,
the mind , the body is all so sour,
the body seemed shattered ,
But does it mattered?

the peace of mind has gone,
the hatred in heart has started to bemoan,
the teachers, parents and guides are teaching to pay reverence ,
But ungratefulness is the evidence.

do you appreciate your mother
when she cook for you?
I know you don’t and you won’t ever,
because it’s her duty and yes it’s true.

Gratitude and appreciation seemed to be just words
but believe me if you would truly feel them the changes would occur,
the charity and chastity, the ethics and morals
are somewhere lost.

In this 21st century,
we all are here and no one cares,
the time I spare,
In disparity, anxiety and fatality
can it be reversed to prosperity, satiety and sensibility?

listen others intently and say a quick hello,
who is not busy but greatness is this my dear fellow,
pick a bunch of flowers and deliver them to your friend,
acknowledge the companionship and try to apprehend.

believe my dear friend,
that light may go out and paths seem dark,
But listen to everyone’s advice and don’t get offend,
As gratitude is the fairest blossom which spring from the soul with spark.

The cuts of time are making you pure,
the demon of hell is all you face,
but the heaven of choices is something for sure,
that deserve gratitude for your own sake.

believe you’re blessed,
believe you have everything,
I know it’s not the truth and you may get stressed,
But try this and anxiety would flee and liberty would cling

Gratitude shields you from negativity,
close your eyes and feel it positivity ,
the will of God till eternity
This brotherhood and fraternity
that can make you rise  through perpetuity.

it would heal your  soul,
You will perform well and excel,
Yes my dear, the Law of Attraction is involved believe you are fortunate and everything is resolved.

Be grateful and kind,
and try to find a sincere Peace of Mind,
Because ingratitude isolates its host
and takes away what it wants the most .

change this picture we all paint of this doomed fate,
and before it’s too late do more than survive enjoy being alive.

gratitude is your genius attribute,
and such an attitude that could change your latitude.


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