A story of thanks

There was a king in Africa and this king went to hunt with his childhood
friend. This friend is always accustomed to thank God. He carried and equipped this friend
with guns for the king, but he erred in something. When the king caught the gun to shoot, his
thumbs and his friend exploded as usual. Of course, the king exploded in anger when he
heard this from his friend, and immediately sent him to prison. Several years later, the king
went fishing in an area known to be far from, so he could eat the flesh and took him to their
village, tied him and piled some wood to put him on the fire
In the meantime, note that he lost his thumb and these people believe in a myth that they do
not eat anyone missing from everyone and they divorced and sent him to the road and the
king thought about what happened to him and found unreasonable and for the time
remembering his old friend who caused him to lose his thumb and how he treated him badly
when he heard him thanking God for what happened And immediately the king went to a
friend in prison and released him and apologized to him for his bad treatment and his
inability to know that perhaps what happened to him would be for his good so the friend of
the Savior answered him that the prison was also for my goodness and that he thanked God
for that, so the king surprised and asked him why he answered his friend if I had not been in
prison I would be with you and captive and eat for me Selim We always thank God for good and bad..


Rana Abdullah Issa Altom

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