Gratitude Growing

I never said thank you
to those few drops of water
pearls on my dry tongue
when the world was in slaughter
ambrosia unsung
in barren seas of despair
I didn’t call it a dream
I called it a nightmare
and I thought
what is happening
is there any meaning
to life here?
I never said thank you
but yes I thought
maybe I am luckier
for when in the dark and rot
I had a candle
a flicker
a flame so faint
tiny in this icy world
yet bright like a saint
warm like a mother’s arms
like her little charms
and suddenly there was in me
the desire to dare
maybe I could keep going
have joy so fair
I said thank you
and in the dry and dark
my heart burned hotter
there lit a spark
those drops of water
now seemed an ocean’s mark
the candle’s flame hazy
flared to the song of a lark
life had more meaning
than anything
I wanted to live
to say thank you
I had gratitude

-Tejal Doshi

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