Happiness in Unanimity

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are all in
harmony,”said Mahatma Gandhi, a revolutionary known for his ideals of nonviolence and peace.
Gandhi’s thoughts, words, and actions reflected his righteous quality of Ahimsa, compassion in
the form of nonviolence. Therefore, he was able to establish peace and happiness in his life. In
other words, he was “Walking his talk”.
I believe that Gandhi wants us to be an ideal of our thoughts when we want to change
something for good. When Gandhi wanted to see tranquility in this world, not only did he voice
his opinion to others, he also lived a life of nonviolence and became an example of this moral.
Back in his day, many people visited Gandhi to receive his blessings or guidance. One day, a
lady came with a little boy and asked Gandhi to advise him to stop eating too much sweets. She
was taken aback when Gandhi smiled and told her to come back two weeks later. When the lady
arrived again, Gandhi said, “don’t eat sweets because they ruin your teeth,” to the little boy.
When asked why he hadn’t said the same 14 days ago, he replied, “Two weeks ago, I was still
eating sweets!”. This was an impressive example of how Gandhi led his life in harmony and
Anyone can follow the great leader’s principles and I have attempted to do so. Back when
I was in India, poor infrastructure and lack of certain resources were very common. From a
young age, I was determined to raise awareness to save the minimal resources we had, like water
and energy supply. I remember reading speeches about it for our school programs. Luckily, with
my artistic abilities, I was able to create posters and enter in a statewide competition in which I
received recognition . I believe that I succeeded in spreading my word through my illustrations
and it was a result of self integrity. It helped inspire others to save natural resources and It

“>reminded me of the time Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world”. I understood the significance of the quote through a rap song by MC Yogi, a hip hop artist who is
known for his wisdom of spiritual seekers. It inspired me to stay in harmony with my thoughts
and bring the change I wanted to create.
Gandhi’s quote can help change our way of life and thinking in our communities today.
In the past year, the negative influences of social media, violence in our schools, and hostile
behaviors have increased. Today, our society needs peace, optimism, and cordiality. If every
individual adheres to our society’s needs by starting to cultivate positive thoughts within oneself
first, we will be able to spread our joy through our actions. At Edward A.Ricci Middle School,
teachers from our team introduced a gratitude program to enrich student social life and develop
self-esteem. We are doing activities that will make us recognize our strengths that we can use to
develop an amicable atmosphere at school. Gratitude should expand far beyond just school. At
home, we should learn to accept the difference of opinion in our families and prevent
disagreements verbally or physically. Our words and conduct have the power to hurt or heal, and
we shouldn’t try to hurt our society that is already bleeding the effects of cruelty and criticism.
Being humane and thinking about doing good for others should become a part of our routine.
Mahatma Gandhi renounced his selfish motives and private goals, merging his innermost
being in the stream of humanity as a whole. This is how mutual well-being develops into social
agreement. A happy community reflects the pleasure and contentment of every single person. If
we think about refining the world for a better livelihood and comply to live by the change we
want to create, there is no doubt in establishing happiness and proving ourselves as a world

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