World Environment day

On World Environment Day, we carry two powerful poems from India and Pakistan to highlight that concern for Environment is common to people on both sides of the border.

Here is a poem from 13 year old Tejal Doshi who is associated with the PeaceGong, online newspaper of children, run by children.

Earth’s Voice

As I meander through the smoky Night,
And Stars withdraw their radiant light,
And Nature seems to sullenly sigh,
I hear a small mournful cry.
“Oh human kin, what have you done?
Ripped my soul that once was one,
I bear resources that you need,
But you snatch them quick and waste for greed.
You don’t leave any for coming generations,
How selfish you are, in your own elations.
Take your share, but please not more,
In fact, you should try to conserve my core.
Every time you practice deforestation,
Like yanking my hair off with no hesitation,
A few plucks, enough, will do,
More than that makes me painfully blue.
I promise you a sustainable lifestyle won’t hurt,
Where our valuable resources are mercifully conserved.

Syeda Rumana Mehdi from Pakistan is associated with PeaceGong.

Save and conserve

Take the gun from my hands,
Don’t let them kill them now,
Let them die slowly,
As drop by drop,
Water vanishes from our lives.

The rivers are dry,
The wells have no water,
The sea is salty,
And so are my tears.

There is no milk in my breasts,eda Ruman
My baby is thirsty,
And so are the plants,
And so am I.

Every time I let the tap run,
Far too long,
Every time I waste water,
I pick up a gun,
And shoot someone.

We waste water,
We waste life,
We waste our future,
We waste our chances of survival.

Bury in the river that is dry now,
Dig my grave in the leftover sediment,
Lay me down under the dying trees,
As my muddy shroud begs for forgiveness.

The Earth is communicating,
Listen to it.
Earthquakes, tornadoes are all telling us,
To save ourselves.

And to save water,
If we lose this,
We lose everything,
The Earth is telling us,
To get our priorities straight,
To save our children,
To save our men,
To save our women,

All territories will be barren,
Nuclear weapons cant create water,
We’ll have to drink the blood,
Of our enemies to survive,

Listen to yourself,
Save yourself,
And water.

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