Peaceful Responses to Terrorist Attacks

In order to make a change in the world and achieve peace through nonviolent communication, people need to communicate with each other through peaceful means. This can be achieved through understanding one another, caring for one another before judging one another, and we should take enough time to understand a person’s point of view, even if we do not agree. We usually communicate with criticism and judgement. It is important to be aware of how we are communicating everyday to prevent negativity, and resolve arguments calmly. This can help establish a more peaceful world. Peace cannot be established by ignoring or excluding minorities or people with different backgrounds. Perhaps we can take New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s speech after the terrorist attack on the two mosques in New Zealand and her actions afterwards in promoting unity after a severe attack that targeted diversion within a community. With simple words, paying tribute to the innocents that were severely murdered, she succeeded in uniting the community again and fostering peace throughout the world. In addition, the immediate response of the Parliament was to ban most semiautomatic weapons and assault rifles (119‐1). Even before this ban, New Zealand had really strict laws regarding guns resulting in forty-two years without a shooting (Lopez, German, 2019).

Consequently, to be able to promote nonviolent communication, the world needs more leaders like Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that are trustworthy and capable of uniting the world and different people into one because peace is treating one another with kindness and respect. With leaders like her, people have a good example to look up, which influences people to be better, further promoting nonviolent behaviours. Leaders do not have to just be public figures. We can be leaders by advocating nonviolent communication to our communities, school, friends and families. Education is key to almost everything. By educating ourselves and educating others about things going on around the world, can have a big impact. Also, it is important to bring awareness to the fact that there is violence and that it is not okay. Leaders should gather under one goal which is promoting unity and policies of accepting the different backgrounds and mindsets of different people as the universe has been created on diversity; people are in need to oblige under diversity rules and once this is achieved, peace will follow and people will become kinder in dealing with each other, neighbours, family, friends, all humans which will lead to a better results and less hatred and perhaps less wars.



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after a Mass Shooting.” Vox, Vox, 10 Apr. 2019,


Helen O’Brien, Paloma Gonzalez, Aya Mahmoud, Yamini Vira

Saint Louis University-Madrid


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