Miracle Happens..!

“I am neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist.” Max Lerner
Life is a journey that begins with experiments and ends with experiences. Experiences make us realize that our regular world that is constitutive of desires, dreams and fantasies co exists with another more ethereal realm where nature in all its myriad manifestations is the primary focus. Therefore in this context its of no little significance that great poets like William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare started their literary careers with this alternate world firmly in focus .
This world which has been often portrayed as the source of eternal joy in Wordsworths work promises fulfillment ,grace and happiness. But this is also the world which has been persistently utopic .Let us talk about the reality of our daily life rather .As opposed to the world of promises and fulfillment, our world is characterized by deprivation. There is an overwhelming sense of inadequacy that permeates our lives.This is especially true of the millions of our brethren who have been born with disabilities.Unlike most of us who can do whatever we desire,express what we think,there are many for whom these are stuff dreams are made of.Going through the daily grind of living differently these children learn a daily lesson of different ëxperiences.My story is about one such young man ,24 years old,who while driving back home with his father one day in a state of innocent enthusiasm exclaimed observing the floating clouds Hey dad look the clouds are moving with us and all his father could mange to do was to have a smile on his face and tears in his eyes.
The boy continued rapturously, Dad even the trees are moving along.A young couple sitting nearby and observing the boy chirping such,walked up to the father and adviced him to take the young man to a doctor,deducing that such childish actions were unbecoming of the young man. For the father it was a tough moment,a moment imbued with mixed emotions.However he humbly replied,you know things are not always that easy to understand and what may seem to be the truth may not be Truth is always hidden behind.Saying this he further added ,We have just visited a doctor actually my child was blind from birth and today he got his eyes back! .Hearing this the couple realized their mistake and immediately apologized. They realized the value of thinking before speaking and also comprehended the reality of the dictum-People only see what they are prepared to see..!

Shazaf Masood

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