On World Press Freedom Day

There is no better time than now to critically analyse the curtail of genuine reporting which brings out the ground realities of sensitive issues around the world. Journalists are being unlawfully detained, arrested and in some cases killed for reporting the gruesome realities of violence stricken areas and communities. The question is who fears genuine facts? Those who perpetuate violence, those who do not want peace to prevail for their own vested interests.
Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and yes, a peace loving nation or community is not made by demographics or political inclinations but by the very people who have fought for peace. I believe we all can be ground reporters and citizen journalists in our own means and the community we live in. Social media enables us to share what we experience or detest to the world. Why should we let it be overtaken by hate messages which can provoke violence?
Non Violent Communication is the key. Apart from being aware about our rights, we need to make sure we are responsible for what we post, write or share on any medium and does it hurt any single person. We need to be in self analysing mode mapping our every post online in the vicious circle of violence and it’s perpetuation. Through Non Violent Footprint, a key concept devised by children and coordinators worldwide of Peace Gong Organisation precise pointers on self analysation of our daily lives on the parameters of Nonviolent Communication are given which we can surely incorporate in our daily routine, available on the official website www.thepeacegong.org
All right thinking people will naturally  condemn the recent attacks on minority communities in Sri Lanka and Pakistan and the unabashed hedonistic rise in hate messages on social media. Nations, communities and most important children need to be realised the importance and power of Nonviolent Communication and how it has a dramatic impact on perpetuation of violence in our daily lives.
We have the freedom to choose, the freedom to choose Peace over Violence!
Ashiya Naqvi
The Peace Gong
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