How do we work towards a Global Nonviolent Future?

The aim of The Peace Gong is to develop communicative, semiotic and cultural skills along with critical thinking abilities amongst children and youth so that they can negotiate the increasing complexities of today’s world.

The world should accept change and make it a friend to effectively analyse conflicts to have peace and tranquillity. The harshest crime against humanity is absence of peace in an environment or society. Although our nation Gambia is at peace but it lacks tranquillity due to ethnic conflicts. For example, we have seen the recent case of Gunjur where parties involved lacked a spirit of conciliation and did not apply principles of  crises management and  negotiation. The violence in Gambia can pop up in local communities any time. Yet we believe that  peace-making process can be highly effective by the following means.

PREVENTIVE DIPLOMACY: Preventive diplomacy is action to prevent disputes from arising between parties, to prevent existing disputes from escalating into conflicts and to limit the spread of possible conflicts. The Peace Gong Gambia sees this as a move to facilitate the peace-making process.

Since the end of the Cold War the international community through international institutions has been focusing on preventive diplomacy. As the United Nations and regional organizations as well as global and regional powers discovered the high costs of managing conflict, there is a strong common perception of  the importance of preventive diplomacy. Preventive diplomacy actions can be implemented by the UN, regional organizations, NGO networks and individual states.

CRISES MANAGEMENT: is the process by which an organization deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organization or its stakeholders. We are proud to respond to crises and involve in the peace-making process to ensure a nonviolent future for the world. We report on how to manage and prevent crises and find ways to sustain the achieved world peace.

SELF-ESTEEM BUILDING AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Self-esteem building and empowering youths to be productive and participate in peace building process is a test for all and it is very vital to adopt. The effectiveness of economic growth with a strong labour force depends on our youth.

 SENSITIZATION OF LOCAL COMMUNITIES IN PEACE MAKING: The local communities are very important and once sensitized in peace making process will go a long way in broadening their knowledge on how to resolve their differences. The most important of all is that tolerance should not be negatively impacted like what   we see in the Syrian civil war where the fragmented rebellious groups are sponsored by powerful groups against the Syrian President Bashar Al- Assad.

Land Ownership Claims

 The issue of land ownership has to be addressed and settled amicably as a matter of urgency. District tribunals should be set up to resolve land ownership issues since conventional courts, not only lack the required knowledge of communal land tenure systems but are expensive and complex for rural people and can drag cases that need urgent attention, for years.

Restore Local Capacity

The loss of lives, creation of refugees and internal displacement mean capacities have both been lost and or wrongly placed. Such capacities have to be restored and regenerated to facilitate the return to normalcy. Jobs have to be created to absorb Militia groups and guerrilla fighters because without that, frustration may lead these fighters to re-organize and re-start the fighting.

EXCELLENT NEGOTIATION AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS : Individuals who do not like to negotiate unless warranted to do so. When negotiating, they tend to avoid confrontational aspects; thus the reason for perceiving them as tactful and diplomatic. The nonviolent communication strategy adopted by the Peace Gong organization will go a long way in building the negotiation skills and communication skills of people to have a global nonviolent future.

PROMOTION OF EMPATHY IN OUR RELATIONSHIPS: Empathy is a very vital aspect of peace making and it needs to spread in every vain to ensure sustainment in the peace achieved. Positive emotion is everything in the peace process and the best criteria for the selection of peace keepers to go into peace process.

UTILISING THE LIMITED RESOURCES IN THE PEACE PROCESS: The effective use of resources is very important and responsibility to monitor and evaluate its security to develop and have a positive effect.

THE USE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY TOWARDS PEACE MAKING : the involvement of people using modern technology in peace processes like what the Peace Gong is doing; uniting the volunteers and empowering them to participate in peace processes through online websites and chatting groups accessible on phone or computer. The world is interconnected and this is one of the biggest opportunities to use and unite the world for a remarkable course like peace making.

CONFLICT PREVENTION INITIATED PROJECTS : The prevention of conflicts through initiated projects and the involvement of women, girls and children since they suffer more in times of conflict.

Yankuba Camara,

The Peace Gong Gambia

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