Why it is important to practice Nonviolent Communication?

We live in a world where judgements, demeaning comments, and hatred have almost become a part of our daily lives. Be it our nine-to-five office hours or the virtual world where we spend our life-social media, hateful comments are everywhere.

Non-violent Communication (or NVC) can be really taken up as a practice in order to combat all the verbal conflicts we face in our lives. Firstly, for people who don’t know about this practice, the term itself can be confusing because most of the people consider only the use of physical force as violence. But actually criticisms, and judgemental labelling also refer to violence here. Hence, Non-violent communication deals with every way which can eradicate violence from our day-to-day lives.

To begin with the practice of Non-violent communication, one must build changes in our own perspectives. Because until and unless one restraints  himself /herself  from being abusive, or judgmental; he/she can never bring any change to the entire society. How one see and orient to the people, to the world, or to the things happening around makes a huge difference. I personally feel that expressing gratitude and appreciation for others can really help in maintaining healthy communication. Another rewarding personal strategy can be by apologizing to others who have been wronged in the past, with sincere regret about whatever has been done.

Because one has to be gentle and sensible while speaking, one momentary stubborn reaction can give rise to hatred and rage.

It is undeniable that besides our own real life, we live in the world of social media, where technology meets mankind. In social media, we often find innumerable people being judgemental (that too unnecessarily), hateful towards others, and making demeaning comments. In social media there may be instances  of  lack of ethics; social media is never meant for hatred but on the other hand it is meant to be used to connect people across the whole world. Internet users must avoid violent communication, but the fact is, we can’t control what others will do; we only can control ourselves. We are human beings, the sole purpose of listening is not actually listening for us, it is replying. Whenever any unnecessary demeaning comment pops up in our phone screen, it forces us to reply back, and hence lead to some vigorous, violent communication. I personally feel nobody should react to any such comments due to impulsive reaction. Instead one must try to politely handle the situation or may seek  some help because cyber bullying should never be ignored.

Teenagers are the most prone towards violent communication, be it in their life, or social media, they are the most vulnerable group. In order to spread non-violent communication, institutions must take up this cause and discuss about the importance of NVC with teenagers, so that they grow up with strong moral values and never resort to violence.

Sanjukta Chatterjee,

Hiralal Majumdar Memorial College for Women

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