Putting up of sparrow boxes..

As part of its initiative, Let’s Not Harm Anyone, The Peace Gong Aligarh is putting up Sparrow Boxes in different strategic locations of the city. To start with it has put up a Sparrow Box in Begum Sultan Jahan Hall , Aligarh Muslim University on August 29, 2018. The provost of the hall Prof Asma and warden Dr. Tabassum Chaudhary graced the occasion with their presence.
Sparrows are now rarely seen in our city. A major reason is our interference and destruction of natural habitat of sparrows. The aim of The Peace Gong team is to mobilize citizens of Aligarh to help reclaim the natural habitat of sparrows in the city. Sensitization programs will be organized in schools.
  The Peace Gongs Let’s Not Harm Anyone campaign is an attempt to sensitize people on the need to nurture respect for all living beings and nature. It is being initiated in different parts of the country.
  We call upon citizens of Aligarh to join us in our endeavour, Let’s Not Harm Anyone. Let’s promise ourselves that we will consciously or unconsciously harm or hurt anyone. Let’s take a pledge to sow seeds of love, compassion and mutual respect to make this a peaceful planet.
S Saba
Coordinator, The Peace Gong Aligarh

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