The Peace Gong on Inter religious dialogue

Conference on Inter religious dialogue

Attending the international conference held on Inter religious dialogue- Indian social institute i was invited to represent as youth on the platform and put forth my experience in working for peace. Sharing the work i have done as PeaceGong co-ordinator Aligarh, I stressed upon the use of nonviolent communication by our child reporters to express on harmony, peace and nonviolence. The examples of our sparrow box campaign, and timely free teaching sessions in orphanages in Aligarh served along with emphasizing the principals of mutual co-existence and inculcating respect for each, it also serves as a basis for inter religious dialogue in future. Further stressing on the importance of emotional bridge building among youth as a first step to prevention of youth’s indulgence in violence especially in present situation where India has been ranked fourth among 198 countries for religious intolerance and using the instrument of nonviolence footprint will also be of great help for dialogue among diverse people.

S Saba, Aligarh Coordinator

The Peace Gong

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