Please Stop Child Trafficking, we want to live in Peace

  Thangjam Uttami Class-X,

   Little flower School , Khurai Thangjam Leikai,

                                                                                                     Imphal East, Manipur.


One fine morning as i got up i came across a newspaper on the doorstep, oh my god! I open my mouth gasping, headline on child trafficking, so scary!

The situation is so tense and we as growing children are afraid whether one of us may be the victim of such dreadful disease called child trafficking.

Keeping this concern in mind, The Peace Gong Manipur Bureau has initiated a social media campaign against child trafficking. In its Facebook Page, the team requests all to give their views and lend their voice against this heinous crime.  `Please stop CHILD TRAFFICKING we want to live in peace and enjoy our childhood. We demand a CHILD-FRIENDLY SOCIETY’

Trafficking of children continues to be a serious problem not only in Manipur but in entire South Asia.   India has become a fertile place for child trafficking, and Manipur being the border state of Myanmar has been included in the list of the state having the highest rate of child trafficking.

Young boys are being kidnapped by recruiters as soldiers in various insurgency groups in Manipur. The Hindu story talks about how children are recruited as it says, “The problem of child trafficking and conscription of child soldiers has been going on in Manipur for a number of years.” Read More…

Meanwhile a story in says, “Manipur is becoming a fertile source for child trafficking.” Children from the state are being trafficked to other Indian states by giving false promises of providing better education, employment, training cum-jobs in spas, private security guards, etc. Around 60% of the commercial sex workers (CSWs) inducted in brothel houses in India is minor girls.” Read More…

A large number of children are being trafficked with the promise of better education and employment. Poverty, I think is one of the most important reasons for child trafficking.

I call upon all my friends to join hands with the Peace Gong team to raise our voice against this menace. 

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