The Peace Gong condemns kidnapping of girls in Nigeria

The Peace Gong condemns kidnapping of girls in Nigeria: urges the path of peaceful dialogue and emotional bridge building to resolve differences- Ramsheena, Class XI, Calicut, Kerala & Editor, The Peace Gong



The horrific and inhuman kidnapping of more than 200 girls in Nigeria by terrorists has shocked all of us.  The Peace Gong, a children’s newspaper has a strong tradition of girls providing the leadership in its endeavor. Incidentally all our Editors have been girls and majority of our young reporters are also girls. With such a strong background of girl leadership, for us, it is incomprehensible of what has happened in Nigeria. The Peace Gong children join all other children across the world to condemn this barbaric act which is a blot to the ethos of our civilization.

The time has come for all the nations to come together to take strong actions and get all girl’s the freedom from captivity and lead them back to normal life.

We children request all to take up the task of emotional bridge building and the path of dialogue to resolve all differences. This is the only way to free this world of violence and hatred.

On this International Mother’s Day, we the Peace Gong children express our solidarity to all the mothers’ of the lost children.

I request all of you to join the struggle of Nigeria to get the girls’ freedom. Let Peace Prevail!

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