Peace Gong’s Thansila: Asian Girl Rights Ambassador

Chief editor Thansila

It is a great moment for the entire Peace Gong family as our Bureau Chief in Waynad, Thansila Muyyarikkandy, who is also the President of the Waynad Shishu Panchayat has been selected as one of the three Asian Girl Rights Ambassadors in the second International Day of Girl celebrations in Taiwan.

In the Ambassadors Program, Thansila, along with her mentor and Peace Gong Kerala Chief Advisor Laila Saein, will meet other brilliant girls, the leaders of community and government and also participate in community projects. Thansila will be sharing her story with others in several meetings.

On October 12, one of the Ambassadors will be honoured with the Asian Girl Rights Award. This programme of the Asin Girl Rights Ambassador has been initiated by the Garden of Hope Foundation which is a leading non-profit organization and a changemaker, which advocates the rights of the disadvantaged women and girls and offers essential services to women and child victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and prostitution.

Representing Wayanad Shishu Panchayat and The Peace Gong, Thansila has led a group of six village students to Tamilnadu to participate in a youth conference on UN Millennium Development Goals. In Wayanad, she has led a group of girls to conduct the UN My World Survey and coordinated a youth conference on volunteerism among many other things.

Thansila`s greatest contribution to the Shishu Panchayat movement is the micro finance bank she founded, which has dramatically brought waves of changes and stability to all initiatives of the Panchayat and Peace Gong Waynad. The Shishu Panchayat MFB (Micro Finance Bank) now promotes budget literacy among children.


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