The Peace Gong Media Literacy programme

Asian media programme.fullThe Peace Gong Media Literacy programme is an initiative of the Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore Foundation.

The aim of the Programme: Develop communicative, semiotic and cultural skills along with critical thinking abilities amongst children so that they can negotiate the increasing complexities of today’s world. Besides, the thrust is to develop capacities of children to use the media to contribute towards a culture of peace and nonviolence.

The broad objectives of the programme are:

• Become more discriminating in the use of mass media.

• Distinguish between reality and fantasy and separate fact from fiction.

• Think critically about media messages.

• Consider whether media values are their values.

• Pursue character and value education.

• The Peace Gong Media Literacy Programme with strong emphasis on the principles of non-violence can help alert students, parents, and teachers to the risks of a heavy diet of violence viewing/reading.

• The Peace Gong Media Literacy Programme will help students understand the true harm that violence causes and develop their communicative skills to promote peace and non-violence.

• The Peace Gong Media Literacy Programme in conjunction with conflict resolution and peer mediation programs, helps young people find peaceful means of resolving conflicts.

• The programme aims to develop capacities of children to construct media messages and media products.

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