Philosophy of the Peace Gong

slide1“Our newspaper, The Peace Gong promotes diversity and helps in facilitating dialogues amongst young people from different cultures and communities. We extensively use the social media, email communications and mobiles to connect with other student reporters from different background across the country and abroad.

Using new forms of available communication, The Peace Gong can be a powerful vehicle to help young people to come together and work for global peace.”

Novel laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore believed that it was not enough to pass on information, what was important was the ability to put to use what one has learnt and to develop curiosity and alertness of mind. In the contemporary knowledge society this perspective of Tagore is of great importance as there are deluge of information. For a strong foundation of an active citizenry it is a challenge on how the citizens make use of this information for the benefit of the society. In this backdrop, media and information literacy programmes especially for young people becomes significant as it develops their capacities and enhances their skills to not only use information but also use the media to take up social concerns.

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